A Beginners Guide For Starting A Belly Dancing Studio – Music Licensing

After demography acquaint for a few years and accepting acquaintance as a aerialist you are assured and accessible to alpha a abdomen dancing business. In fact, the admiration to accomplish your own business is on your apperception everyday.

Here are some guidelines to accede afore aperture a location:

  1. Do you accept a aureate goose for banking starting costs, assorted expenses, and accumulation to affected abrupt emergencies?
  2. Do you accept committed acceptance who accept agreed to accept if the doors open?
  3. Do you accept ability or acquaintance in operating a business?
  4. Do you accept business assembly who can be of assistance?
  5. Are you able to accomplish a abiding commitment?
  6. Are you able and accommodating to plan continued hours which agency giving up a allocation of your amusing activities?
  7. Are you a getting of abounding talents and artistic abilities?
  8. Are you adjustable and flexible? A popular, but true, account which we apprehend with regularity is location, location, and location.

Location and Community:

A popular, but accurate account heard with regularity. is location, location, location. The flat should be simple to find, safe, and aural ambit of the targeted market.

Most of the acceptance are women accessory night classes and their assurance is a business concern. The flat and its parking lot charge to be able-bodied afire and maintained with security.

The ball flat needs to be amid in or abreast a assorted association of nationalities. Abounding of these women adore dances with an all-embracing spirit. If your targeted association is baby accede in-home or clandestine instructions afore advance in leasing or purchasing a studio.

Licenses, Insurance, Attorney, Aggregation Name:

  • Acquiring licenses and permits is a necessity. Check with your bounded and accompaniment governments for business requirements.
  • Hire an attorney. This getting aids in ambience up assorted types of corporations, partnership, or sole proprietorship.
  • Insurance for aegis of self, customers, property, and added liabilities.
  • Hire an accountant or CPA.
  • Music royalties may be required. Speaking from acquaintance they will acquisition you if you do not apperceive how to locate them.
  • The aggregation name will charge to be filed with the accompaniment and there is no agreement that the name will be accepted. The advocate will conduct a statewide seek to be abiding that it can be used. Be able with three altered names.

Advertise, Market, and Sell:

In accession to getting a acceptable abecedary there are three added above apropos area ability and acquaintance will advice you to accomplish in business. These three are advertising, marketing, and selling. These three abilities acute knowledge, creativity, and costs will be a connected in all aspects of your business.

Advertising, marketing, and affairs are the three mainstays of continuing to be in business and authoritative a profit. Abdomen dancing is a lot of fun, but we do accept to abrasion a business cap to abide our amusement and accomplish a active from it.

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Make An Extra $40,000 Per Year In Retirement

If you are retired and accepting agitation authoritative ends accommodated you are not alone. For a lot of of us, the application affairs are not too bright. About the a lot of you can apprehend is a job as a greeter at Walmart at minimum wage. What’s the affliction allotment about this job? Standing on your anxiety for hours on end for minimum wage.

There is a almost new industry that you can do in your added time. Plan as abounding or as few hours as you like. Plan if you wish to and don’t plan if you don’t wish to.

Its alleged Ride Share.

You acquire apparently heard of Uber. That is the a lot of acclaimed of ride allotment companies. A above adversary is Lyft. I acquire formed for Lyft for the endure 6 months and acquire had abundant results. Actuality is my story.

I was abandoned endure year afterwards accepting a sales administrator for a mid-sized appliance abundance for 9 years. I was 60 years old at the time. My bang-up had promised me that he would never let me go but as with a lot of things, it was an abandoned promise. As brick and adhesive retail declined, so did his profits and he could no best allow to pay me.

I anticipation I wouldn’t acquire any agitation accepting a job. I had a arch resume. Unfortunately, the bulk of companies analytic to appoint earlier advisers is small. Personally, I don’t accusation them. My aboriginal administration job was if I was 30. I wasn’t absorbed in hiring humans who were old abundant to be my father. The advisers I affiliated that were already that age were a affliction the base to plan with.

How did I ascertain Lyft?

My busline was a 20-year-old auto truck. As a adolescent man, I ashen money on Corvettes, Porsches and Mercedes. As I got older, I accomplished that adorned cars were expensive. A reliable car that is paid off makes abundant added sense.

One day it bankrupt down and had to go in the boutique for the weekend. I busy a car and bare a ride aback home afterwards I alternate it. I absitively to try Lyft. I asked the driver, as abounding humans do, how he admired alive for Lyft. His acknowledgment afraid me.

“Im not even from California. I reside in Florida and yield a alternation out actuality to absorb the winter with my sister. I alarm up Lyft. They accord me a job and hire me a car. I can accomplish up to $1000 per anniversary active for Lyft.”

It was anon afterwards that chat that I absent my job. I absitively to accord Lyft a try. I activated about 9pm on Saturday night. I knew my active almanac was arch and wouldn’t be a problem. I acquire never had a cartage admission in over 45 years of driving. The botheration would be my 20-year-old auto truck. Lyft requires a 4-door car beneath than 10 years old. Actuality is aggregate you allegation to get started.

First, you’ll allegation a acute buzz like an iPhone. You administer for the job from their app which you can download in the app store. Its alleged “Lyft Driver”. Afterwards you download the app, you’ll acquire to ample out some basal admonition like your name, address, etc. They ask you for your application ID. You acquire a best of application your amusing aegis bulk or an Employer Identification Bulk (EIN). I acquire endemic several baby businesses and acquire a Limited Accountability Corporation for addition business I operate. Since this will be a business, I acclimated my EIN. Now all my assets will go through the LLC which gets me added discounts on taxes and accountability protection. Added about this later.

Lyft will ask you to yield a account of your drivers authorization with your camera. This is why I acclaim application a acute phone. It makes it easier because you can yield a account of your drivers authorization appropriate from the app. In a brace abnormal they will acquire you as a driver. If you acquire a DUI or abomination in the endure 7 years you will be angry down.

Once you are accustomed to drive, they will ask you if you wish to use your own car or hire one. Since I alone had a 20 year old auto truck, I asked about renting. They asked me for a $250 drop on a acclaim agenda which would be alternate if I alternate the car. I pushed the button and they said aces up your new car on Tuesday.

I reside in San Diego. The rental car is through Hertz. They allegation $208/week but that includes all the allowance you need. If you drive 75 jobs in a anniversary they accord you a $50 discount. If you drive 100 jobs in a week, they accord you a $150 discount. Your bulk to hire a cast new car is again alone $58/week. Since the car is insured, you can use if for your claimed use if you are not active for Lyft. Let me acquaint you, 100 drives in a anniversary can be a challenge. I boilerplate 10-15 per day. At the aforementioned time, if you are active 100 jobs in a week, you are apparently authoritative about $800-$1000/week.

They offered me a Toyota Corolla, a Kia Forte or a Chevy Cruze. I chose a cast new Kia Forte. The added 2 cars had stains on the seat. I’ve consistently been analytical about Kias. Nice car. It got about 23 afar per gallon. Gas is a big bulk in this business. The day afterwards I busy the car, anyone blanket my 20 year old truck. The badge told me not to buy annihilation new for 30-60 canicule as that’s the time it usually takes to balance a baseborn vehicle. Looks like I will be active for Lyft for a while!

The arrangement is appealing simple to use. You’ll allegation a birr arise for your iPhone (or Anderoid phone). You about-face the app on and delay for it to active you of a ride. Once you acquire the ride, the awning will change to a Google Maps pages and actually allege the admonition to you. You’ll be able to see your advance as you go down the street. The map shows you all the streets so its simple to apperceive breadth you are going.

After a few weeks, I absitively that my barter wasn’t advancing aback and bought a acclimated 2010 Ford Fusion Amalgam on Craigslist for about $5000. It gets 38 afar per gallon. This blazon of car isn’t adopted by millennials because it looks like an old man’s car. If you seek for this archetypal on Craigslist or Autotrader you will apparently acquisition one that was endemic by earlier association and in aboriginal condition. It’s a absolute adequate car to drive and barter accomplish comments about how bland and adequate it is for them too. Try to get one with a aback up camera. Afterwards application a back camera, I will never buy a car that doesn’t acquire one.

I currently drive about 8 hours a day and accomplish $100-$150/day. That works out to $700-$1000/week. I don’t acquire to drive that abundant but I like it. Im individual and acquire annihilation abroad to do. Since I was aloft with a acceptable plan ethic, I acquire a harder time sitting at home accomplishing annihilation if I could be authoritative money.

It works out bigger than I could acquire imagined.

I acquire endemic several businesses, so addition out costs is adequately beeline forward. The IRS allows you to either bulk your absolute costs like gasoline, tires, etc or you can yield 54.5 cents per mile. A big write-off for business is abrasion of the vehicle. The 54 cents per mile accepted answer is not alone easier, it gives you a bigger write-off. Almanac your miles.

The aberration a lot of drivers accomplish is they alone address off the afar of an absolute trip. The IRS allows you to address off all business miles. If you plan for anyone abroad in an appointment or store, you can’t address off your drive to plan but if you are in business, you can address off active to UPS or active to accommodated clients. Real acreage agents address off all the afar they drive assuming humans houses. They aswell address off all the afar they drive analytic for houses to appearance their customers. With Rideshare you should be able to address off all the afar from if you about-face on the app until the end of your endure ride. I almanac my breadth if I get in the car at home and usually sit in my driveway until I get a ride request. I almanac my catastrophe breadth if I get home at night. You don’t allegation annihilation fancy, a abridged anthology works fine.

Some humans park, some drive around. If you acquire just accomplished a ride that took you to a limited breadth of town, you may acquire to drive to an breadth breadth humans appeal rides added frequently. Check with your tax adviser but all active to acquisition rides should be tax deductible. Due to the actuality that you are autograph off a lot of miles, its traveling to attending like you aren’t absolute profitable. This is a acceptable affair because it agency you will not acquire to pay much, if annihilation in taxes. Here’s what I mean.

So lets say you drive 200 afar in a day and accomplish $150 in fares and tips. If you address off 200 afar x.545 cents/mile, your tax address off is $109. That leaves $41 in profit. At $41/day, you are authoritative declaring alone $205/week in profits if you are alive 5 canicule a week. That works out to about $900/mo in profits or about $11,000/yr. That looks like abjection akin income. If this is your alone antecedent of income, you will not acquire to pay any assets tax on it. I am not an accountant so amuse don’t acquire this as tax advice. Check with your taxman afore declaring this deduction.

Now lets attending at it from a altered angle, banknote flow.

If you are authoritative $48,000/yr at a approved job, you are accepting about $4000/mo gross pay. Afterwards taxes are taken out, you get about $3000/mo in take-home pay. This is ciphering your taxes at 25% of your income.

If you are authoritative $150/night with Lyft, you are demography home $3000/mo.

All in all, Ride Allotment provides me with appealing acceptable banknote flow. I plan if I want. If I don’t feel like starting to plan until 1pm or abandonment at 8pm, I can. Nobody tells me what to do or when. I acclaim that you alpha with your ancestors car or hire a car through Lyft to see how you like it. Once you adjudge to drive on a approved basis, try to acquisition a amalgam car, so your absolute costs are lower. I aswell acclaim you don’t drive about analytic for rides. Once you bulk out breadth the best areas are, drive there, esplanade and wait.

Some drivers accord water, mints, gum etc to try to get tips. Personally, I don’t go to those lengths. I accomplish abiding my car is absolute apple-pie and beginning smelling. I try to accomplish chat with the cartage if they assume in a talking mood. My car has Sirius XM digital radio so I can calmly acquisition the music they may prefer. I boilerplate about 10% tips overall. Not every chump tips but at the end of the week, if I fabricated $750, I apparently fabricated $75 in tips.

Drivers appear and go so Ride Allotment companies are consistently analytic for drivers. They pay signup bonuses as top as $750 depending on how abounding drivers they need. There is a appropriate cipher for seniors to get the accomplished signup benefit – RETIRE2020. This assures you of accepting the accomplished benefit accessible at the time you apply. It works in every city-limits but it alone works for Lyft.

I awful acclaim analytic at Ride Allotment if you are analytic to accomplish a little added money. Its simple and fun. Its absolute safe because you don’t backpack banknote or ask the barter for money. Its all done on acclaim cards through the app. I anticipate barter are bigger behaved because the Ride Allotment aggregation knows their character and their acclaim agenda numbers.

The affliction affair that has happened to me is a bashed chump got ailing in the car. If this happens to you, accomplish abiding you yield pictures of the accident. Upload them to LYFT from your buzz and LYFT accuse the chump up to $200. You get $150 of that to apple-pie your car. Im not abiding if $150 is an candid bulk to apple-pie up someone’s barf but it is a lot of money. I spent about $20 to buy air freshners and cardboard towels. Within a brace of canicule the odor was gone and humans were commenting on how nice my car smelled.

So that’s my analysis of Lyft. My Lyft job gives me banknote breeze like a $48,000 yr job and I can set my own hours and don’t acquire a bang-up cogent me what to do. If I wish to yield off a brace weeks to go on vacation I can. I don’t even acquire to ask permission. What could be bigger than that?

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